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October 14, 2017

Family Inspiration

My mom loves creating and doing crafts. She always has some fun ideas no matter what the event or season. She recently partook on decorating a cake dish which I thought came out absolutely phenomenal and she always talks about her work on her blog here which I totally recommend you go and check out. The only thing is she doesn’t know much about cameras so sometimes I see her just standing over her hard work, and snapping photos with the flash on. Today I helped her take some photos so people looking at her work could see more details and the photos could represent her hard work like it deserves to be seen with nicer lighting and a bit of presentation! Also was a good time to practice my own photography skills as well, which was a nice bonus!

This first one was my personal favorite. 🙂





Her detail work was really nice and I thought the color combination was great! Just needed to share because I think what she does has always inspired me to create in my own way through more digital instead of material ways which has led me to where I am today.

Go check out some of her fun craft ideas too!

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