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September 26, 2016

Thesis Pitch – Round 2! (Revision)

I’ve taken a step back and revised my thesis pitch video to include some visuals, music and actually talk a bit more in depth about the unique content in my thesis.


Password is “thesis”!

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September 26, 2016

Visual Mood Animatic

I’ve taken my reference images and used them inside of After Effects in order to help me block out timing, sequencing of events and camera angles. It’s also a great reference to help show people certain things that wouldn’t translate as well in a drawing such as transitions.

Watch here below!

Password is: “thesis”

One thing that this is lacking however is exact camera moves and cinematography. That is the next stage!

I plan on doing another cinematographic cinematic which will help me finalize and solidify the timing of my shots, show off exact angles and camera motions I plan on using. I will also not be putting the characters, doing any sort of blocked out lighting or texturing for this. I’m going to use gray scale lamberts and cubes to represent the motions and flow of the dancers and the overall blocked scene itself.

Here is a really good example of what this looks like and what I will pass on to my composer for this thesis.

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September 18, 2016

Thesis Pitch – Round 1!

Had my first round of introducing my thesis by making a pitch video!

Lots of things I need to fix up and introduce including actually explaining the story. Expect more soon! 😀

It’s currently password protected incase you don’t want to see my non-finalized attempts!

Password is “thesis”!

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September 8, 2016

Motion Capture!

So I’m working on my first experiments with motion capture via the Microsoft Kinect 2 and this software called iPi Mocap Studio in order to make the correct movements I’m looking for in my project.

While it seems quite promising based on some video results I’ll post below, I’ve run into a few snags already mostly just being inconveniences such as needing a special type of separate USB adapter in order to hook up the Kinect 2 to the lab PC I’m working on.


iPi Mocap seems like a promising software, but it is a bit heavy on what it requires technically in order for it to work. It needs at least a windows 8 computer, and a graphics card with it’s own GPU that supports Direct X 11. Some of the computers I was initially trying to test on had only Direct X 10.1 support so I was looking for a while to find a computer that would actually allow the software to open.


What is the real exciting part to me however, is the videos below used the second version of iPi Mocap Studio in their videos as well as just one, of the first Kinect models. Why this is so great to me is those components yielded good results for simple motions especially, and now I’m going to be using the Kinect 2 with much more improvements as well as iPi Motion Capture 3, which is a newer and improved software.



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September 4, 2016

Visual Board

So I finally have my story all figured out!

Main points that I really wanted to convey with my project and hit the most were:

  • That it has visuals using Houdini that aren’t just your regular basic explosions or splashes. While I can definitely appreciate the work that goes into those I want to show something more new and different. I feel one real power of VFX is being able to show people things that aren’t your typical dynamic event. Your limit is your imagination.
  • On that imagination note, I want to be able to tell a story more abstractly with a less literal visual structure. Sure if you show someone crying, it’s an easy way to convey a sad negative emotion. The real challenge here is conveying a message and the emotions that follow based on the story being more abstract.
  • In my previous post when I was brain storming to come up with a story I was trying to hit the points of things that are dependent on each other for existence. I wrote down my ideas in a spread sheet and ended up combining a few ideas.
  • The main story foundation is that the world was made of dust and debris, and not much else but a force brought them together into a hot ball of mass which was able to turn into the sun when it got massive enough. From there its light was able to produce life in the form of plants and eventually other things started to emerge as well, such as metal inventions and machinery that would use the world for energy and remove plants for space. As the machine gets more greedy it destroys the plants all together and takes the sun for itself as energy. As all that energy gets used up so inefficiently however, it’s wasted and goes out returning to dust along with the machine who can no longer keep itself powered and the plants who relied on it as well.

Below I have my embedded story board and visual board combined into one so that the visual style can be seen on a scene by scene basis. If you are having trouble with the embedded link, feel free to see it as well on the actual website here.

I found It was the best medium to help me convey to others visually what my storyboard will look like and the specific goals I have in terms of layout of my story.



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